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This page contains information on the stakeholders’ forums, that will take place during the EU LIFE+ Environment Project “Development of Pay As You Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus”.

The multiple and varied aspects of waste management present an additional obstacle in the application of new systems, but on the other hand, offer opportunities. The public requioresa fair charging system for waste management services, but the methodology and the system that will be selected will impact its effectiveness. This requires participation and agreement of various stakeholders. The conclusions from the forum will help formulate a new policy and approach in the waste management sector.

Setting up a PAYT system for the first time is a difficult endeavour and must be designed with care, taking into consideration as many parameters as possible. The stakeholders’ forums will provide the context within which a fruitful discussion may take place on critical subjects concerning the PAYT. Such subjects include which PAYT system will be used and the transition period from one charging system to the next and the way the waste management services are charged. The presence of all stakeholders, including citizens, decision makers, representatives from the Local Authorities, local organization representatives and other state or private stakeholders will contribute to the development of a multifaceted and integrated approach for the PAYT system.