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The third Forum meeting was held on 28th June 2010 in Amphitheatre A. Tsioumis of Polytechnic Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with attendance of representatives of local authorities, General Secretary of Region of Central Macedonia, Chairman of Association of Local Authorities of Greater Thessaloniki, NGOs and local and municipal governance bodies.

Salutations at the beginning of the meeting were given by the  Dean of Polytechnic Faculty of AUTH, Professor Mr Nikolaos Mousiopoulos, Secretary-General of Region of Central Macedonia, Mrs. Maria Lioni and the Chairman of Association of Local Authorities of Greater Thessaloniki, Mr Ioannis Zournas.
The following presentations were given:

  • Mrs Evangelia Makri, representative of Municipality of Elefsina, gave a detailed description of the practical aspects of the LIFE project and in particular of the pilot part of the project, which is taking place in the municipality of Elefsina.
  • Mr Themistoklis Kasampalis, representative by AUT-LHTEE analyzed PAYT systems. 
  • Mrs. Angeliki Anastasiou, representative of Municipality of Elefsina, presented the experience of Municipality giving concrete and in detail information in participating, with regard to the pilot phase of application of program in the Municipality Eleusis.
  • Mr Christos Karkanias, representative AUT-LHTEE analyzed why it is necessary to apply PAYT system regarding municipal fees. 
  • Mr Philippos Kyrkitsos, Chairman of ERS, presented the economical characteristics and elements of PAYT schemes and good practices of PAYT systems in Greek local authorities. 
  • Dr Apostlolos  Malamakis, by AUT-LHTEE, made a synopsis of work done by Laboratory of Energy Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE) as far as PAYT systems during the last decade.

A round table discussion followed the presentations, about the problems and obstacles in the implementation of PAYT systems in Greece and about the following consultations on the subject. 

This meeting gave the opportunity for a prolific dialogue to develop, concerning the application of PAYT schemes among stakeholders in Northern Greece. For some participants this event was a good opportunity to become familiar with PAYT schemes and their function, while to others this was an opportunity for learning about how a PAYT scheme will be applied in Greece on a pilot scale and contribute to their success through participation in this and future consultations.

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