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The LIFE+ Environment is the European funding instrument, which supports projects that aim at nature and environmental protection. These projects are implemented mainly in EU Member States, but there are cases where candidate, acceding or neighbouring countries participate.
The main scope of LIFE+ Environment is to provide special support for the development and implementation of the Community environmental policies and legislation, especially as far as the targets of the 6th Environment Action Programme.
LIFE+ in general is  comprised of the following three components: Nature and Biodiversity; Environment Policy and Governance  and Dissemination and Information. The thematic categories of the LIFE+ projects are:


  • Nature and Biodiversity

  • Air

  • Energy and Climate

  • Environmental Management

  • Industry and Production

  • Urban Environment and Quality of Life

  • Soil, Land-use and Agriculture

  • Waste

  • Water


Part of the budget of a LIFE+ Environment project could support the activities of some NGOs that have shown competence and are active in 3 European countries either alone or as part of a group. 

Since 1992, when it was established, LIFE has co-funded 2.750 projects and has contributed approximately  1,35 billion euro for the protection of the Environment.