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TECHNOMART was founded in 1989 by Lambros and Annie Lambrou. It is based in Limassol in Cyprus. Since its founding it has been involved in the field of IT, but also with organising and training employees in the agencies of Local Municipal Authorities.



The company is manned by specialised and experienced scientists in subjects of local regional development and self-administration, social policy and human resources, culture, tourism and environment, IT and technological applications. Its main scope is to provide scientific and technical support in agencies of the Local Authorities, the State and also the private and social sector. Technomart participates in a large number of European networks and cooperations.
TECHNOMART provides the following services:


  • Setting of specifications for proposals and offer valuation
  • Annual monitoring of IT systems (software and hardware) and troubleshooting
  • Consulting services for GIS and software development for compatibility of GIS with the other systems (GIS MapInfo application)
  • System analysis with Government approved tools (SSADM METHODOLOGY).
  • Software development, especially for the local authorities (water supply, taxing, etc.)
  • Local authorities Human Resource reengineering studies
  • Consultant services to the Local Authorities for European subjects.
  • Consultant services for the electronic file management software
  • Consultant services for e- government.
The website of the company provides more information: http://www.technomartcy.com/