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The Local Authority is responsible for the collection and handling of waste in the city of Elefsina. The municipality is located 20 km from Athens, in the broad area of Thriasio Plain. It used to be one of the five holy cities in Ancient Greece and is widely known for the ‘Eleusinian Mysteries’, which were initiation ceremonies held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone. Elefsina is also known as the birthplace of the tragic poet Aeschylus.

Nowadays, the city of Elefsina is one of the most heavily industrialised areas in Greece. Within its territory, a large number of heavy industries is situated, including two oil refineries, 2 steelworks, 2 cement works, 2 shipyards and one ammunition factory. Apart from these heavy industries, smaller industries, warehouses and logistics companies as well as agricultural estates can also be found.

Its population rose from 3.418 inhabitants in 1920 to 25.863 according to the 2001census. This was mainly due to the development of two industrial zones within the municipality’s borders.

The Local Authorities, who are responsible for the municipal waste management, have acted drastically towards waste production prevention and promotion of sustainable waste management options (reuse, composting, recycling) in recent years.

To achieve the above goals, a collaboration has been established with the Greek Collective Alternative Management Systems for packaging waste, WEEE, batteries, waste motor oils, used tyres, vehicle batteries and end-of-life vehicles. Furthermore, the municipality has participated in a pilot project to promote composting while, running a door–to–door public awareness campaign. This campaign was concerned with promoting alternative waste management and expanding on the possibilities for preventing, reusing and recycling household waste in Elefsina.


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