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The Institute of Waste Management and Contaminated Site Treatment (IAA) has been established through the cooperation of the chair for waste management and the chair for contaminated site treatment of the Faculty of Forest, Geo- and Hydro Sciences of Dresden University of Technology in December 1995. The institute and chair for waste management is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernd Bilitewski, a highly reputed international expert in waste management and ordered and sworn expert witness in the fields of packaging and waste disposal.


The principal focus of the institute’s research is on the engineering, ecological and economical aspects of waste management and contaminated site treatment, and the assessment of waste flows and ways to influence them. This interdisciplinary approach is an important part of the institute’s academic education and is unique in German universities. An international group of ten research assistants works mainly on issues related to environmental and closed-loop economy, economic instruments, thermal and biological waste treatment, quality management of RDF, biomass-recovery and the management of electric and electronic waste. Environmental laboratories equipped with various analytical devices (e.g. waste properties, element analyzer, heavy metals, halogens), landfill simulators and fermentation reactors as well as a technical-scale fluidized bed reactor, also belong to the institute.

The institute has participated in several EC-funded projects and hereby taken over co-ordination responsibility in a number of cases. Recent examples of the institute’s engagement in EU-funded international research co-operations concern the safe recycling and disposal of hazardous waste in Vietnam and India (SACODI), the integration of European waste management tools in the settings of Asian communities (ISTEAC), the European Urban Waste Management Cluster (EUWMC), the Concerted Action on Environmental Technologies (ETCA) and the shared RTD-project on variable rate pricing in urban waste management (PAYT) where it also acted as co-ordinator and one of the lead research partners.

IAA is also researching and consulting in several waste management related projects for the State of Saxony, for different federal ministries, the Federal German Environmental Agency and foreign partners, such as Greek environmental authorities. Among the publications writen by the institute’s staff are more than 60 books and doctoral theses, one of them being the 200 pages “Handbook on the implementation of Pay-As-You-Throw as a tool for urban waste management”.

In the links section there are links for projects where IAA was a partner.

Its main website is the following: http://tu-dresden.de//die_tu_dresden/fakultaeten/fakultaet_forst_geo_und_hydrowissenschaften/fachrichtung_wasserwesen/iaa