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Fourth Forum Meeting
LIFE 07 ENV/GR000271

In the framework of the LIFE 07 ENV/GR000271 project, on the 25th of November 2010, in the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Bank Group, the 4th consultation meeting was held with the subject: “Informing and sensitizing the public and the recent developments on PAYT issues in Greece”.

The following presentations were given:
“The development of PAYT Systems in Greece, Estonia and Cyprus – LIFE07 ENV/GR000271 project”, by Evaggelia Makri, Municipality of Elefsina.
“Methodology and approaches for informing and sensitizing the public and other parties”, by Nikos Chrysogelos, Ecological Recycling Society.
“Results from the Door-to-Door campaign in Elefsina, for the alternative waste management and the PAYT pilot application”, by Athina Dimou, Ecological Recycling Society.
“Experience from the pilot PAYT system application in the Municipality of Elefsina”, by Aggeliki Anastasiou, Municipality of Elefsina.
“Dual charging system for the citizens in the framework of fair charging of PAYT systems”, by Abraam Karagiannidis, Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering Laboratory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
“Law 3854 and charging of Local Authorities: The financial implications on the Attica’s Local Authorities regarding the gate fee charging in the year 2010”, by Fillip Kirkitsos, President of Ecological Recycling Society.

A round table discussion followed the presentations, about the problems and obstacles in the implementation of PAYT systems in Greece and about the following consultations on the subject.

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